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Gail and Dave welcomes you to our web site which chronicles our travels around the world. On this website I will be sharing our photographs from the places we have visited and the interesting people we have met. "Travel... The final frontier... These are the voyages of Gail and David. Their continuing mission: To explore foreign countries... To seek out and meet people and explore foreign cultures.. To boldly go and interact with other people who share our planet earth!"

We have visited all 50 states including many trips to Alaska (once even in the winter.)  We have visited close to 100 foreign countries.

I will be constantly adding photographs  to this site documenting our trips. Be patient it takes a lot of time. I hope you will  email me with comments how you liked our travel website or just to say hello.  

There is no registration necessary to view the photos but comments are certainly welcomed. DaGaK.LINY@att.net

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