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06/05/2019          Moved hosting site from Serif UK to GoDaddy

09/21/2018         Added pages for NYC Museum of Jewish Heritage

08/25/2018         Added new city San Diego California

07/15/2018         Completed pages and photos for NCL Dubai to Singapore

08/21/2017         Began entering photos for our cruise from Dubai to Singapore

05/20/2017         Added pages for United Arab Emirates and Oman

05/19/2017         Checked and Updated all Links to photo storage

10/26/2016         Added pages for our trip to Madagascar 2016

10/25/2012         Added new page for Alaska 2012

10/25/2016         Completed description and photo pages for 2015 trip to Iceland and Greenland

09/01/2015         Completed description and photo pages for 2014 trip to Southern India

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